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Dynamikos eyewear is hand-made from premium materials and should never arrive at your door with any flaws; see our manufacturer warranty. Here are some tips to protect, customize, and continue to enjoy your Dynamikos sunglasses for a long time.

Maintain the Perfect Fit

Dynamikos acetate sunglasses are cut from a single sheet of acetate, which means, unlike mold-injected plastic frames, they are more easily customized to fit. The temples of your glasses, the part that goes behind your ear, can be heated and gently bent for a personalize fit.

1. Using a hairdryer on warm, heat the middle area of the acetate arm for 20-30 seconds. Don't overheat!

2. Gently bend the plastic arm end in the direction that works for you. Bend up and out for a looser, wider fit or down and in for a tighter, closer fit.

3. Rest your sunglasses upside down and let them cool before trying them on. If they aren't quite right, repeat the process.

Rinse Weekly

Sunglasses collect tiny particles of sand, ocean salt, pool chemicals, lotion, and sweat. These elements can wear down your eyewear over time. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth on a regular basis. Use a diluted mild dish detergent when you need to clear away greasy fingerprints.

Store in a Microfiber Cloth Bag

Storing your sunglasses in a microfiber cloth bag when you're not wearing them will prevents dust accumulation and accidental abrasion.