Dynamikos Warranty

We stand behind our promise of quality.

Guaranteed Manufacturer Defect-Free

Dynamikos eyewear is handcrafted with care and precision by artisans. Each pair of our sunglasses go through a rigorous inspection and is built to last; however, if a manufacturing defect arises within one year of ownership, we will replace the frames or lenses free of charge upon verification of the defect.

Family Discount for Damaged Frames or Lenses

Taking it one step further, once you purchase a pair of our Dynamikos sunglasses, you are considered part of the family -- for life. Should accidental breakage or wear-and-tear damage occur that is not due to a manufacturer defect, we will replace the frames or lenses at a discounted family rate, based on available inventory.

To make a claim, email or mail a description and photos of the damage or defect AND original proof of purchase, to:

Dynamikos Warranty Claim Request
2967 Randolph Ave, Unit B, Costa Mesa CA 92626

Once pictures and proof of purchase are received, we will reach out with next steps regarding your individual claim.

DYNAMIKOS does not provide complimentary shipping for warranty claims. Frames acquired from sample sales or corporate gifting are not eligible for the warranty program.