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Mother's Day Gift Guides and Reviews

Mother's Day,  It's one of our favorite times of the year!  The day we all get to acknowledge, appreciate and dedicate a day to the woman that made our lives possible.

It's not always easy picking out the perfect present for our Mom's.  So if you're still trying to decide on what to get the most amazing woman alive... I thought I would share a few great reviews from bloggers that have also offered some great advice and helpful hints for her special day.

"Dynamikos brand of eye wear has much credibility, knowledge, goodness and love behind and within its stories. To simply call this an eyewear company is not enough."  says Lisa Cocuzza from It’s a Glam Thing.  You can reach here entire review here:  THE DYNAMIKOS BRAND OF EYE WEAR HAS MANY STORIES 

"Not only will moms love the trendy sunglasses, but they will also love knowing that 20% of the net profits are donated to world-renowned charities..."  writes Daisy Bryce. You can check out her entire blog on Trendy Mom Reviews here:  Mother’s Day Gift Guide

"We all love a gift that gives back, and mom will have a great pair of sunnies that wow all spring and summer long. The Octavia Tortoise is a true beauty!" says Carla Snuggs on her Posh Beauty Blog.  You can read her entire blog post here:  Mother’s Day Gift Guide (Fashion Gifts)

"If you like small luxuries - things that are an extra special splurge but won't completely break the bank - a high quality accessory like sunglasses can fit the bill! " says Bekah Jorgensen . You can check out Bekah's full post on her blog here: Motherhood Momen

To all the glorious, strong, encouraging, uplifting, supportive Mom's in the world...We wish you a Happy Mother's Day! We are so grateful for you and love you beyond what any words or gift can measure.

Our Favorite Styles For Mom

1. Octavia 2.0 - Frosted Fern

2. Reverly - Pearl

3. Greco- Rose Wood

From all of us at DYNAMIKOS...

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