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DYNAMIKOS featured in JUTE Magazine

We were very excited to hear that our sunglasses were chosen by stylist, Sydnee Page to be featured in the JUTE magazine editorial for Hailie Sahar, star of the new TV series "Pose".  

I'm proud of this editorial placement for many reasons, but mostly because it's discussing such an important topic about transgender issues.... the stigma, the misconceptions and stereotypes.  I could say that I can relate to her struggles, but I've only experienced a small portion of the situations and circumstances that she must have fought to overcome and persevere.   I loved what she said when asked what she would tell someone that looked up to her as a role model.

"The advice I would give to my younger self or someone who looks up to me is pray and have faith. Block out any negative thoughts or any negative things that people have said about you because they are not true. You are immaculately created, so believe in yourself always and forever and never stop dreaming."

Couldn't have said it better myself.  Wishing you all the success in the world Hailie!  Go get em' girl! 

Full article can be read here:



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