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Covenant House of CA donation

The work that we do for the youth at Covenant House California is one of the most rewarding things in my life.   In fact, it's why I created DYNAMIKOS in the first place.   Sometimes...the daily stress of running a business (or two) can be overwhelming, frustrating and just downright exhausting.  I am constantly having to re-group, re-ground and occasionally re-focus my life.  When it gets a little too much,  all I have to do is get back to my "WHY." 

So yesterday we jumped into the car to make a drive up to L.A. to see our friends at the Covenant House and drop off 200 pair of underwear. 

Every time I go into the Covenant House they are so thankful for the donations and grateful for what we do for them. It's quite humbling, because they are the ones that we should be giving our thanks to.  These are the people that on a daily...give their hearts, effort, time, energy to helping these youth overcome obstacles that they need to get through life.   

And let's not forget that it's because of YOU that we are able to help them on the level that we do.  Every single purchase that you make from DYNAMIKOS, 20% of it goes to the Covenant House of CA.   Whether its through writing a check, providing blankets, toiletries, bags and backpacks, underwear or even outdoor activity items like basketballs and soccer equipment.  We want to do whatever we can to help make these youth feel and know that they are a vital part of our community and world regardless of their past circumstances.  

Together, we are changing the lives of these teens and young adults for the better.  We're providing them with the encouragement and assistance needed to get through their lives.  In partnership with The Covenant House we all provide them with the tools and skills necessary to help them succeed in life. 

We have donated so far over 200 blankets, 400 pairs of underwear, 200 bags, HDLC Flat screen TV, basketballs, soccer balls and we're just getting started!  

So "THANK YOU".  It means  the world to me to be on this amazing journey with all of you. 

Dayna Cornelius


If you would like to donate directly to the covenant House, just click on the pic below.  Or if you just want to know more about what they do and the help they provide to our homeless and trafficked youth. 


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