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Dynamikos eyewear is run by a group of passionate, talented people who have linked what they do best in delivering quality products to supporting accredited non-profits who who provide eye exams and reading glasses to children, animal conservation and we also donate directly to our local schools, most recently for Science Camp Scholarships. We strive to provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase a quality product they love knowing that a significant portion of the profit will be invested back into the surrounding and global communities.

Dayna Lee Cornelius, Founder, CEO

"With more than 25 years in the fashion industry, I’ve finally found the sweet spot: a marriage of creativity, manufacturing and sourcing experience, and philanthropy! I love this opportunity to create beautiful things while helping promote health, empowerment for women, and protection for our environment through charitable organizations.

"I’ve traveled all over the world to manufacture everything from clothing to accessories and eyewear. Eyewear is definitely my favorite, with its history of highly skilled craftsmanship that’s been developed for hundreds of years."

Tiffany Lee, Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Being a part of Dynamikos is a life-long dream of building a company that wields the power to empower communities, drive change, and improve lives.

With a health care background in human resources, marketing and insurance management came a fierce work ethic. With the significant pressures of insurance management where securing and maintaining benefits for our patients was quite literally a matter of life or death came a developed set of leadership skills where only the highest standard was acceptable. In recent years, I’ve been in management-level positions for the global production of high-end accessories which brought with them a new set of high standards. Bringing insanely different personalities together for the same goal of delivering a high quality product that gives back is my happy place.

Miranda Lynne, Assistant Creative Director

"For more than 10 years, I've had the opportunity to be a creative designer in a variety of areas, from being a makeup artist to styling and then designing swimwear for a brand I co-founded called House of Au-ora. Dynamikos is the perfect style and quality fit for me, yes. But also, being a part of something bigger than the brand and the commitment to giving back makes me feel like a million bucks. I also love this team. They are great human beings."

Rachel Shipman, Controller

"Being a part of Dynamikos is like being on a dream team -- I just love the whole thing. I'm often the calm in stormy situations, and I love pulling everyone through to success. I've worked with and seen Dayna Lee in action for more than 15 years, always on other people's projects. It's so exciting to finally build something together that is our own. The timing makes perfect sense."